At c+a, we believe in design that inspires and delights through the spacial experience of the architecture we create.  Just as each client is different, each project brings it's own set of challenges and opportunities which inform and enrich the design.  While each design response is unique, passionate design is always achieved through thoughtfulness, attention to detail and consideration for sustainability within project limitations. 

Commercial + Residential Architecture

Past and Present Experience:


Azevedo Residence, Kenwood, CA

Breier Residence, Southport, CT

Dunaway Residence, Petaluma, CA

Hendrix Residence, Santa Rosa, CA 

Leinen Residence, Santa Rosa, CA 

Rubenstein Residence, San Francisco, CA 

Smith Residence, Oakland, CA 

Stameroff Residence, Santa Rosa, CA 


Our process of achieving our client's goals begins with defining the project vision.  We explore the client's expectations through images, written descriptions, and functionality. Once all ideological and practical project parameters have been defined, the project is explored through a progression of design iterations in collaboration with the client.  When an agreed design direction is reached, the details are actualized and the project is documented for permit and construction.  For each project we work closely with engineers, suppliers and contractors acting as the client's advocate, as we guide the client through the often complicated design and construction process.  


Pottery Barn stores, Multiple locations ***

Pottery Barn Kids stores, Multiple locations ***

Williams Sonoma stores, Multiple locations ***

Cherry Orchard Retail Center, Sunnyvale, CA ***

Gap stores, multiple locations **

Old Navy stores, multiple locations **


La Follette Wines Tasting Room, Sebastopol, CA *

Noah's New York Bagels, Multiple locations **


Breier Residence, Southport, CT


Summit Pain Alliance Medical Offices, Santa Rosa, CA


Chateau St. Jean Garden Map, Kenwood CA

McCoy Residence, Santa Clara, CA

Traverso Residence, Santa Rosa, CA

**    While employed by Avila & Tom architects

*    As a consultant to Joseph Farrell Architect

***    While employed by Baldauf Catton Von Eckartsberg architects